International Conference on Computer Simulation in Physics and beyond

September 24-27, 2018, Moscow, Russia



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Poster Session

26 September 2018, 16:30-18.40, Hall, 4th floor

P1. Irina Vodolazskaya, Andrei Eserkepov, Petr Selin and Yuri Tarasevich, Effect of dispersity of particle length on the electrical conductivity of the two-dimensional systems
P2. Andrei Eserkepov, Valentina Chirkova, Valeria Goltseva and Yuri Tarasevich, Pattern formation in two-dimensional systems of rectangular particles
P4. Oleg Ilyin, Intermediate Lattice Boltzmann-BGK method and its application to micro-flows
P6. Byungjoon Min, Searching for influential spreaders in complex networks via a message-passing algorithm
P9. Evgeni Burovski, Renat Ikhsanov, Artem Kuznetsov, Valentin Levchenko and Maksim Kagan, Phase diagrams of polarized ultra-cold gases on attractive-U Hubbard ladders
P10. Gregory Brauer, Andrew Galwey and Arsen Khachoyan, The Arrhenius equation demand very delicate treatment under usage in mathematical modeling schemes
P13. Irina Prudnikova and Marina Mamonova, Ab-initio calculations of magnetic moments and exchange integrals of Co1-xNix alloy film on Cu(100) surface
P14. Evgeny Pospelov, Vladimir Prudnikov, Pavel Prudnikov and Anastasia Lyakh, Non-equilibrium Critical Behavior of the 3D Classical Heisenberg Model
P15. Petr Malyarenko, Vladimir Prudnikov and Pavel Prudnikov, Peculiarities of Non-equilibrium Critical Behavior of Site-diluted 2D Ising Model
P16. Ivan Popov, Anna Popova and Pavel Prudnikov, Dimensional Crossover in Critical Behavior of Thin XY-films: Equilibrium and Non-equilibrium Properties
P17. Ivan Popov, Disorder Aggregation by Vortices in Non-Equilibrium Critical Annealing of Two-Dimensional XY-model
P18. Veniamin Blinov, Evgeni Burovski, Wolfhard Janke, Maria Guskova and Lev Shchur, Acceptance ratios of Monte Carlo simulations with local updates
P19. Leonid Ivanovsky, Bifurcations of zero balance state in one boundary-value problem with deviation in edge condition
P20. Marina Fadeeva, Lev Shchur and Wolfhard Janke, Wang-Landau method and coarse-graining energy spectrum
P21. Marina Denisenko, Arkady Satanin and Nikolay Klenov, Simulation of the entangled states generation of two qubits by using of unipolar picoseconds pulses
P22. Konstantin Kolegov, Modeling of heat and mass transfer in drying colloidal drops and films
P23. Peter Lebedev-Stepanov, Computer modeling and simulation of electrically charged nano/micro-particles interaction into aqueous solution by the Brownian dissipative dynamics of their atomic counterions ensemble
P24. Maria Shlyakhtich, Pavel Prudnikov and Alexandr Papushin, Numerical investigation of the critical behavior of the three-dimensional Ising model near the percolation threshold
P25. Jan Verlage, Hendrik Hobrecht and Fred Hucht, Characterization of a cluster Monte Carlo algorithm for colloidal suspensions
P26. Yanina Parshakova and Tatiana Lyubimova, A computer simulation of thermal processes in water bodies at different hydrometeorological conditions
P27. Daria Gladskikh, Irina Soustova, Yulia Troitskaya and Sergey Zilitinkevich, A simple description of turbulent transport in a stratified shear flow devoted to the simulation of thermohydrodinamics of inland waters
P28. Olga Klimenkova and Michael Tamm, Structure and Dynamics of Two-Color Random Networks with Tree-Particle Interactions
P29. Efim Rozenbaum, Sriram Ganeshan and Victor Galitski, Universal Level Statistics of the Out-of-Time-Ordered Operator
P30. Alexandra Kuznetsova, Georgy Baydakov, Daniil Sergeev and Yuliya Troitskaya, High-resolution waves and weather forecasts using adapted WAVEWATCH III and WRF models
P31. Olga Savenko, Anastasia Stepko and Peter Lebedev-Stepanov, Computer modeling the self-assembly of colloidal particles into evaporating sessile drop of water-glycerol solution
P32. Mikhail Shulga, Two-dimensional words entropy calculation method
P33. Vadim Borzilov, Vyacheslav Lozhnikov, Marina Mamonova, Alexander Mamonov, Aleksei Sorokin, Georgy Baksheev and Pavel Prudnikov, Ab initio calculation of multilayer magnetic structures by VASP on OpenPOWER high perfomance system
P34. Alexandra Gavrilina and Lev Barash, Fluid flow structures in an evaporating droplet depending on ambient temperature and properties of liquid and substrate
P35. Mikhail Slutskiy and Lev Barash, Percolation and jamming of random sequential adsorption samples of large linear k-mers on a square lattice
P36. Denis Ilyukhin, Numerical study convex regularizations of Darcy law in the case of Rayleigh-Taylor instability
P38. Filipp Uskov, A variational lower bound on the ground state of a many-body system and the squaring parametrization of density matrices
P40. Elena Volkova, Hegselmann-Krause model of opinions dynamics of interacting agents with the random noises
P41. Elena Seregina, Mikhail Stepovich and Veronika Kalmanovich, Modeling of heating in the epitaxial structure CdxHg1-xTe /CdTe a projection by the least squares method
P42. Oleg Lychkovskiy, Conditions for quantized transport in the Thouless pump
P43. Marina Kashina and Aleksey Alabuzhev, An influence of difference of surface properties on axisymmetric vibrations of an oblate drop in an AC field
P44. Veronika Kalmanovich, Elena Seregina and Mikhail Stepovich, On the Possibility of a Numerical Solution of the Heat and Mass Transfer Problem Jointly by the Matrix Method and the Method of Generalized Powers of Bers
P45. Aleksandr Vasenin, A Consensus Problem in Networks with Unreliable Nodes
P46. Yulia Troitskaya, Daniil Sergeev, Alexander Kandaurov and Anna Zotova, Direct numerical simulation of bag-breakup – mechanism of sea spray generation in strong winds
P47. Georgy Baydakov, Alexandra Kuznetsova, Daniil Sergeev and Yulia Troitskaya, Wind waves modeling under hurricane wind conditions
P48. Anastasia Stepko and Peter Lebedev-Stepanov, Computation of dielectric properties of nano-probe local surroundings by solvatochromic spectral shift measurement of organic dye molecule
P50. Elena Shpagina, Oleg Lychkovskiy, Filipp Uskov and Nikolay Il'In, Stationary Schrodinger equation with density matrices instead of wave functions
P51. Manuel Barroso, Teresa Coimbra, António Luís Ferreira and Adam Lipowski, Local spin exchange dynamics in random networks and graph partitioning
P52. Alexander Vasiliev, Marat Ismagilov and Rustam Sayfutdinov, Architecture of a quantum computing platform
P54. Anastasia Aminova and Victor Chetverikov, Hole distribution in a film of a ferromagnetic semiconductor in the presence of an external electric field
P55. Alina Trepacheva, The computer simulation of attacks on the ring-homomorphic encryption
P56. Alexander Dosaev and Yuliya Troitskaya, Numerical simulation of two- and three-dimensional gravity-capillary waves
P57. Nikita Kotelevskii, Mike Tamm and Sergey Nechaev, A new class of reinforced random walks
P59. Mikhail Tamm and Pavel Lakidon, Modified asymmetric exclusion process with internal particle states
P62. Nadezhda Trubochkina, Method and algorithms for fractal synthesis and 3D model visualization of physical objects
P63. Anna Presnova, Algorithmic method for modeling the optimal treatment of patients with HIV
P64. Alexander Pugachuk, Vadim Pribylov, Julia Gavrilova and Vladimir Konoplev, Development of radial turbines in low-power gas turbine engines
P65. Dmitri Sirotin, Sergey Glyzin and Mikhail Lokhanin, Calculation of the invariant characteristics of forced oscillations of a beam with longitudinal compression and it's phenomenological model
P66. Alexandr Malyutin, Dynamics of spatial evolutionary games on the triangular lattice
P67. Dmitry Pchelkin, Aleksei Ivanov and Aleksandr Romanov, Development of a System Generator for Marsohod Development Boards
P68. Alexander Russkov, Lev Shchur, Performance of Skylake-AVX512 Intel 8164 processor

The size of the boards for the posters is 100 cm (width) x 120 cm (height).
The poster may be hung already in the morning and must be removed after the poster session.